Gas Mileage Calculator


Gas Mileage Calculator


A gas mileage calculator can help you to figure the cost of driving to Disney World. But you first need to figure out how many miles you actually need to drive to get there.

Use the first calculator below to get an estimate of the amount of miles between your home town and Disney World. Once you have this number of miles, use the second calculator to determine the cost of gas for the trip.

I know, I know, no matter what the amount is – it is waaaay too far!! But, treat it as the great American Road Trip…have you ever seen the movie Vacation??

With the cost of gas these days, it is really wise to budget the drive into the overall cost of your trip. Depending on how many people are in your traveling party, it may actually be more cost effective to drive. You can use these calculators to determine whether this is true or not.

Don’t be discouraged by distance! Driving to Disney allows for freedom in packing, flexibility in scheduling, and total control of your travel. I really like to be in control of my vacation!

We also love to drive for another reason…it allows us to see more sights – either in and around the Orlando area, or along the way to or from Orlando. We have come to really enjoy the 1000 mile drive…and prefer to do it straight!!

Remember that you have to drive back home too! I know it’s a bummer, but it is a fact… So be sure to double the one-way gas cost to get the cost of gas for the entire round trip.


Gas Cost for the Trip
Miles: mi.
MPG: mpg
Cost per Gallon: $
~ Gallons.
$ for gas.


The calculator on the left figures the cost of gas for your trip.

Simply enter in the amount of miles you intend to drive, the number of miles per gallon that your car gets, and the cost of one gallon of gas.


Again, be sure to account for the round trip!

Either double the amount of miles, or double the resulting cost of gas for a one-way trip.