Disney World Fireworks

Disney World Fireworks

Mickey watching fireworks!

Enjoying a Disney World fireworks show is the perfect ending to a day at one of the parks.

Wishes, Illuminations, and Fantasmic – each is, as Disney says, a spectacular “kiss goodnight”!

There are three fireworks shows at Disney World, each related to the main theme of its respective theme park.


Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom fireworks display is titled Wishes. It is narrated by Jiminy Cricket. The story line is all about making wishes come true. Classic Disney songs, character voices, and sweet lyrics are all choreographed to a dazzling display of fireworks.

My favorite part of the Wishes fireworks show is the Genie’s section. I just love the perfectly synchronized fireworks on either side of the castle with the words and music….”Can your friends do this….?”

I know this may be difficult, but try to watch Wishes from Main Street. The end closer to the park entrance is best. Seeing the fireworks centered on Cinderella Castle is truly spectacular.

Fireworks over Cinderella Castle

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth


Illuminations is the fireworks show at Disney World’s Epcot Center. It takes place on and above World Showcase Lagoon and it is a breathtaking kaleidoscope of fireworks, color, and light all set to an incredible and moving score and lyrics.

Illuminations is our family’s favorite fireworks show at Disney World. No matter how many times we visit, we always must see Illuminations…multiple times!



Hollywood Studios

The Disney Studies nighttime spectacular is Fantasmic. This show cleverly combines water and fireworks in an explosively extravagant display. Sorcerer Mickey battles the Disney Villains amid blazing fire. Fantasmic is presented live at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater.

Tip: If Fantasmic! has 2 showings on the day of your visit,go to the second oneMost people will go to the first one, so you’ll be able to enjoy the rides and attractions while they are watching the show.

Mickeys saves the day!



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